“Dr. Sebi” Was Either A Complete Fool Or A Complete Fraud, But He Was No Healer

Arah Iloabugichukwu
11 min readMay 6, 2019

Alfredo Darrington Bowman, most commonly known as Dr. Sebi, was born on November 26th, 1933 in Ilanga, Honduras. Despite having never received any formal education whatsoever, Bowman rose to fame after declaring he had discovered the cure for all diseases, a claim he stood by until the day he died. This assertion, along with many others, earned Bowman a cult-like following over the years. One that ballooned after the untimely death of West Coast rapper, Nipsey Hussle. In an interview with the Breakfast Club, the late rapper expressed concerns that he might be targeted for his support of the controversial herbalist, requesting that fans “ride” for him should that ever occur. And as mourners struggled to process the gruesome slaying, his request appeared more prophetic than suggestive.

Just like that, the rapper’s death became equal parts conspiracy, equal parts condolences. Bowman’s claims severely lacked the hard evidence they needed to support such a correlation but that didn’t stop the masses from running with the theory. For many, the association took the sting off just enough. Gang-related deaths are tragic all around, but dying so that others can live, well that makes you a martyr, a Messiah even. But outside of the biblical portraits and the emotional pacification that came with rationalizing the misfortune, there was no real indication that such an association was warranted. What did we really know about “Dr. Sebi” and did his life’s work warrant the deflection that it caused?

“There were 2,781 cases that came before the supreme court and lost, I won. Not only did I prove scientifically but I had the diagnostic sheets and I still have them today.”

Alfredo Bowman, Rock Newman Show, 00:19:52

Of the many claims made by Bowman, the most well-known centers around a New York Supreme Court trial that catapulted the healer to celebrity status. In an interview with Rock Newman, Bowman spoke openly of his victory, boasting on the fearlessness with which he tackled the cynics while representing himself. And given that the prosecution set out to prove that Bowman not only lied…

Arah Iloabugichukwu

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